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Tick & Mosquito Spray for Your Big Day

The Worcester area offers a glorious landscape for hosting large outdoor events such as an annual family reunion, a summer pool party or 4th of July party, but nothing is more precious than an outdoor wedding. Letting a beautiful landscape host your big day is a great way to take advantage of the warmer months in the Northeast. Along with flowers, dresses and cakes, a contingency plan for rain is probably in place for potential weather, but have you considered putting a plan in place for the uncooperative mosquitoes and ticks at your wedding venue? With so much at stake, it would be a shame to see the party end early as guests flee the annoyance of mosquito bites.

Mosquito Event Spray

Mosquito Squad of Worcester offers an event spray service to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks from your wedding or another outdoor event. Our trained technicians will apply an odorless, residue-free barrier spray to your entire event space. The spray eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact and continues to work for the duration of your event.

Why Mosquito Squad?

Our event spray is composed of our best-selling barrier spray treatment. It eliminates up to 85% of mosquitoes and ticks without leaving behind a sticky stinky residue. Your guests won’t know we sprayed and they won’t know that mosquitoes were in the area. Your big day should be about you, not the annoying mosquitoes or dangerous ticks.

Cross one more thing off your wedding planning to-do list today! Call and we’ll place you on the schedule to ensure your big day isn’t disturbed by uninvited biting guests. 508-762-1466

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