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Even in the Horror of Castle Rock, Mosquito Squad Ensures They're are No Mosquitoes!

If you’re a fan of horror movies, which some of us just simply aren’t, then you’ve probably heard about the new television show “Castle Rock”. According to the page dedicated to the show, Castle Rock is an upcoming American psychological horror web television series created specifically for Hulu. In fact, it’s based on the stories of Stephen King. If you live in Orange, Massachusetts, then you may see the cast and crew moving about. In fact, Mosquito Squad of Worcester has been chosen to provide mosquito and tick control services to the filming locations!

We will be treating houses that are a part of the movie set for the cast and crew. While horror scenes and incredibly intense psychological despair may not worry these seasoned actors and crew members, mosquitoes and ticks are something they want no part of. At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, you can always count on unparalleled service and attention to detail. Our meticulous spraying process begins with walking the property to determine which areas require the most attention and where mosquitoes and ticks may be hiding or nesting.

As soon as we were approached to perform our spray on the set of the upcoming television show, the first thing we did was walk the property to find out where we needed to be most proactive in spraying. The reason for this is the fact that some areas of shrubbery or foliage might be more suitable for mosquitoes and ticks. By knowing this prior to spraying, we can “gameplan” how to best approach treating a given property. Understanding that now every property is going to be the same is paramount. That’s one thing that separates us from other mosquito control companies here in Worcester, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas.

Let Mosquito Squad of Worcester help you take your yard back from the creepy crawlers!

To find out how effective Mosquito Squad of Worcester is at removing creepy crawlers from your property, too, just call us at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form to the upper right, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Don't Allow Bugs to Dampen Your Fall Outdoor Living

Labor Day has come and gone, and now we’re fast approaching fall. School has now begun along with the daily grind of keeping up with routines, homework and the end of summer vacation has come to fruition. However, this doesn’t mean outdoor activities are over with. Quite the contrary, fall weather in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas is absolutely perfect for outdoor living.

If you have children here in Worcester, they undoubtedly are aching to go outdoors after a long day of school (after they’ve completed their homework, of course). Keep in mind, however, that there are still mosquitoes and ticks waiting for their next blood meal. Our temperatures have cooled off from the heat of the summer, but it’s not cold enough to significantly reduce mosquitoes and definitely not cold enough to slow ticks down. Just because school’s back in, the pool is closed down for the summer and the evenings are a little cooler, don’t forget that mosquito and tick control is still extremely important.

In addition to your children’s’ outdoor living during the fall, what about you and other adults? Do you plan on having evening get-togethers? What about tailgating for a football game? If you’re planning on having guests over for game day, then don’t you want to ensure that they’re not literally itching to leave due to the insect population within your yard? At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, we believe you should be able to enjoy your yard no matter what time of day or year it is. Don’t allow pesky mosquitoes and potentially dangerous ticks spoil your fall outdoor living. Take your yard back!

To find out why Mosquito Squad of Worcester is the most trusted name in mosquito and tick control services in our area, call us today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Worcester Tick Tubes Limit Tick Population Growth

Eliminating ticks with tick spray is a gratifying experience for us spraying and you enjoying your tick-free yard. While Mosquito Squad of Worcester customers have made our tick spray our best-selling product, we can’t help but point out the long-term effectiveness of Worcester tick tubes. While tick tubes don’t provide the instant gratification of our tick spray, it is a very effective method for long-term tick control and lowering the risk for tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.

How do Worcester Tick Tubes Work?

Tick tubes are cardboard tubes filled with cotton treated with tick insecticide. The tubes are placed strategically around your property twice per year. Rodents will use the cotton as a nesting material in their dens. When the rodent enters their den with a tick embedded in it, the tick will die on contact. Typically larval and nymph ticks feed on small mammals like mice and chipmunks, making this a great way to interrupt the tick life-cycle and eliminate ticks in these first two stages of their lives. Future tick populations can be reduced as these ticks will never mature into egg-laying adults.

What Makes Tick Tubes So Effective in the Fight Against Lyme Disease?

Larval ticks are not yet infected with pathogens as they have not yet had a blood meal. Typically a tick becomes infected during their first blood meal on small mammals. With tick tubes, larval and newly emerged nymph deer ticks are eliminated in the dens of rodents before they have a chance to spread diseases like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and others. Nymph ticks happen to be the most dangerous due to their tiny poppy seed size. By eliminating the most elusive of the tick-borne disease spreaders before they get the chance to have their next blood meal, therefore spreading disease, tick tubes are a highly effective way to combat tick disease in Worcester.

We recommend our Intensive Tick Treatment, which includes both our tick spray and our tick tubes. We’ll spray your property every 3 weeks all season long to eliminate 85-90% questing adult and nymph ticks. We’ll also place tick tubes twice per year for even further Worcester tick control results. Call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today. 1-877-78-SQUAD Or 508-762-1466

West Nile Virus Can Absolutely Be Spread By Mosquitoes in Worcester

Mosquitoes can transmit a large variety of diseases that can harm people and their pets. While it can feel scary to think about it, at Mosquito Squad of Worcester we want to make lowering your family’s risks easy for a care-free outdoor lifestyle. With new threats like the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus (WNV) no longer gets the amount of media attention it once received but it still poses a threat to the Worcester area each summer during mosquito season. From 2006 to 2015 there were 10 human cases of West Nile Virus in the Worcester area. View the MDPH Arbovirus summary for more information on West Nile and other arboviruses in Massachusetts.

What is West Nile Virus?

West Nile Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and is commonly found in birds, humans and other mammals. West Nile Virus is passed between birds and mosquitoes, but cannot be passed back to mosquitoes from humans. According to the CDC, 70-80% of people infected with WNV will not develop any symptoms.

Symptoms of West Nile Virus in Humans

Common symptoms of West Nile Virus can include:

  • fever
  • headache
  • body aches
  • rash
  • swollen lymph glands

In less than 1% of West Nile Virus cases, a person can develop encephalitis. Symptoms of WNV encephalitis can include high fever, stiff neck, tremors, convulsions, headache, disorientation, muscle weakness, coma or paralysis. In very few cases death can occur. While there is no vaccine for WNV, if you think you may have the illness associated with WNV you should seek medical help immediately. Doctors can help manage your symptoms which is especially important if encephalitis occurs.

West Nile Virus Prevention

Avoiding mosquitoes and mosquito bites is still the best way to prevent West Nile Virus. Start by protecting your family in the place they spend the most time outdoors, your own backyard. Enjoy a spontaneous care-free outdoor lifestyle without the hassle of stinky spray or messy citronella oils by calling Mosquito Squad of Worcester to spray your property for mosquitoes. Our traditional barrier spray eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes on contact. Lasting for up to 3 weeks, sign up for the season and we’ll automatically respray when needed, all season long. You won’t have to lift another finger to enjoy an entire mosquito-free season in Worcester Mass. Call today 508-762-1466.

Book Your Labor Day Event Spray Now!

If you’re like most, you’re probably planning to have a get-together this upcoming Labor Day. If you plan on having guests and don’t want to have the whole event turn into a mosquito-feeding frenzy, then just call your local experts at Mosquito Squad of Worcester. Our event spray will ensure that your property is nearly completely void of all biting, blood sucking and stinging insects. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will deliver the most effective and efficient mosquito and tick control application to your yard that’s on the market.

Imagine having your guests enjoying your Labor Day event, only to realize they’re literally itching to leave once dusk arrives. Mosquitoes will smell your gathering and will congregate on your property like they were invited. If you want to ensure that there are no mosquitoes, all you have to do is call us prior to your event and we will treat your property thoroughly. Our barrier application will withstand rain and will ensure there aren’t any pesky, biting mosquitoes present. Simply put, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester and we will take mosquitoes off the guest list.

To find out how quickly you can have your property treated for mosquitoes and ticks, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

For Mosquito Control in Belchertown, MA, and Surrounding Areas, Call Mosquito Squad!

As we steadily approach fall and sending the kids back to school, mosquito season is here and in full force. If you’re experiencing mosquito bites when trying to relax in your backyard, then it’s time to call the mosquito control experts at Mosquito Squad of Worcester. Precipitation and warm temperatures mean that the mosquito population is going to increase. However, our barrier application can reduce the mosquito population within your yard by up to 90%.

In Belchertown, specifically, we’ve gotten quite a few calls regarding the need for mosquito control. No matter where you live here in Massachusetts, you can count on Mosquito Squad of Worcester to knock down existing mosquitoes and keep those that land in your yard from becoming a problem. Our microencapsulated barrier application is highly effective and only needs to sit for an hour before it becomes impervious to water such as rain. We take great pride in the quality of our barrier application.

In addition to reducing the mosquito population within your yard by 90%, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after we’ve sprayed your yard, you’re still experiencing mosquito activity, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We will return as quickly as possible to reapply our barrier application to put an end to mosquitoes on your property.

To find out why Mosquito Squad is the most trusted name in mosquito control in Belchertown, MA, and surrounding areas, call us today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

There May Be Hope in the Hunt for the Antidote for Lyme Disease

As everyone in our area is well aware, Lyme disease is a major subject within the northeast and especially here in Massachusetts. Chances are, you more than likely know someone with Lyme disease or know someone that knows someone with Lyme disease. It’s simply that prevalent in our area. Just the thought of a tick being found on ourselves or family members can invoke panic. The panic is probably a bit over the top, however, Lyme disease is simply that scary. There seems to be a tipping point in preventing Lyme disease and it might be headed to human trials in the very near future.

According to a recent article in Metro, “Though there is no current vaccine against Lyme disease, a Massachusett’s researcher may have found the key to a revolutionary drug that could prevent the debilitating infection – and he aims for human trials to begin as early as next year”. This is excellent news! In fact the revelation gets even better, “The injection would provide immediate protection against Lyme disease and that protection would last for about six months, which is the risk period when the ticks that transmit Lyme disease are active…”.

This is the best news regarding Lyme disease that has come about in recent years. There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Due to the fact that nearly 300,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, and warmer winters resulting in increased tick populations, the timing couldn’t be better. However, it’s important to remember this is not a vaccine, but rather a “pre-exposure prevention”. While everyone may want to celebrate, it’s important to remember that there was a Lyme disease vaccine called LYMErix, but it was ultimately pulled from shelves due to adverse effects to those upon which it was administered and resulted in a class action lawsuit.

As the premier tick control experts in Worcester, MA and surrounding areas, we strive to keep everyone informed on ticks and the diseases they carry. As always, stay tuned to our blog for up-to-date information regarding the latest news on ticks, the diseases they carry and potential treatments for those diseases and viruses. If you’re in need of tick control in Worcester, MA or surrounding areas, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today at 508-659-9302 or drop us an email at worcester@mosquitosquad.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Remain Vigilant When it Comes to Worcester, MA, Ticks

Let’s face it, we’re in tick country. If you’ve gone outside at all in the past few months, you’ve more than likely come into contact with a tick or two. However, there’s more you can do to ensure that you’re reducing the likelihood of coming into contact with potential disease-carrying ticks. In fact, in a recent article in Wicked Local, “Ticks can transmit several diseases, including Lyme disease and Powassan virus. There were more than 4,500 reported cases of Lyme disease in Massachusetts in 2016, and some are bracing for a potential uptick this year”. But, fret not, you can simply call the experts at Mosquito Squad of Worcester for all your tick control needs.

What’s the danger of Powassan virus?

Another tick-borne illness, similar only to Lyme in the fact that it’s tick-borne. Powassan virus is much rarer and is usually more serious than Lyme and is capable of causing swelling of the brain. When it comes to protecting your family from ticks, we can ensure the tick population within your yard is reduced by up to 90%. According to the same Wicked Local article, “Massachusetts has had 15 cases of Powassan virus since 2013, including two this year. The infections have resulted in three deaths”. While this sounds startling, there’s still more research needed on Powassan. In fact, it seems, “…likely that many people infected with the virus never present any symptoms…”.

What can you do to keep ticks out of your yard?

You can follow the 6 C’s of Tick-Proofing Your Yard. They are as follows:

  • Clear out: Clear out surplus lawn debris to reduce your exposure to ticks. Ticks thrive in moist shady areas, making it vital to keep compost piles far away from high traffic areas.
  • Clean: Mow your lawn frequently, keeping it nice and short. Clean up grass clippings and leaf litter to avoid giving ticks a place to stay cool and moist.
  • Choose plants: Check with your local nursery to choose the best deer repelling plants for your unique yard. You can also install physical barriers such as fencing to keep deer out.
  • Check hiding places: Ticks love to hide along the base of fences, retaining walls and within wood piles. Check those hiding places regularly to eliminate ticks that may have assembled.
  • Care for family pets: Pets can be infected with tick-borne diseases too. They also can carry infected ticks into the home. Talk to your veterinarian about using tick prevention for your pets. As with all pest control products, follow the directions carefully.
  • Call in the Pros: Mosquito Squad of Worcester can eliminate 85-90% of the ticks in your yard with intensive tick treatment (our traditional barrier spray plus the addition of tick tubes placed twice a year).

If you’re looking to keep your yard free of Powassan and Lyme disease-carrying ticks, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How Effective is Mosquito Squad's Barrier Spray if it Rains?

If you’re wondering exactly how effective our barrier application is if it rains after we’ve applied it, then read more to find out. At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, our barrier application is one of the most effective solutions for mosquito and tick control on the market. Not only is it highly effective initially, but it grows exponentially stronger the more it’s applied over the course of a season. That’s the entire reasoning behind having our customers sign up for season-long treatments. Now, when it comes to these pesky rain showers we keep experiencing, how effective is our barrier application after a rainfall?

Our barrier application is designed to remain extremely effective even after it has rained. The only caveat is that the solution needs 30 minutes to dry before it gets hit with rainwater. That’s it! Our micro encapsulated barrier spray will withstand all this dreary, rainy weather and continue to keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard. Additionally, if you do notice that you’re seeing mosquitoes after a rain, or after a spray when it didn’t rain, don’t forget about our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re still seeing mosquitoes and/or ticks after we’ve completed a spray, just pick up the phone and call us and we will come back out to respray your home.

Having said that, it’s not necessary to have your yard retreated every time it rains. Remember, our micro encapsulated barrier application is designed to withstand the rain, so long as it has dried for at least 30 minutes prior to the rainfall. If you’re wondering why we are so overtly proud of the effectiveness of our barrier application, it’s partly due to the fact that it can withstand a downpour and continue to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact.

If you ever have any questions about our barrier application, remember, as long as it’s been 30 minutes since we sprayed your property, rain will not reduce the efficiency of the solution. If you’re seeing mosquitoes or ticks after our sprays, we will ensure your satisfaction. So, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

As Temperatures Climb in Worcester, So Does the Mosquito Season

Were you aware that since the 1980s mosquito season has risen by 20-40 days in many of the United States major cities due to climate change? And of those cities measured Worcester was number 9 with 30 more average days of mosquitoes per year.

That’s an entire month longer! An entire month of more bug spray, more swatting, more scratching, more worrying about a mosquito-borne illness. Heat is not the only factor that has contributed to this unpleasant phenomenon. Water… mosquitoes love water. Mosquitoes hatch in water. More often now than ever, we see longer drought periods followed by deluges of rain. With the hard fast rain, there is more standing water and water collecting in planters, tires, and flower pots: places that female mosquitoes love to lay eggs. Once these eggs are present, the Natural Resources Defense Council says they may also hatch faster and more frequently due to the heat.

Simply stated, we now have more mosquitoes buzzing around for a longer period of time.

More Mosquitoes and Mosquito-Borne Illness

The talk of mosquito-borne illnesses seems to be at a new high this summer. The Zika virus makes the news daily. Zika and the Olympics created many concerns over the last few months. However, the latest news is much more worrying for the U.S. than before. With the first instances of Zika transmitted by a mosquito to a human in the United States occurring in Miami, we are on a much higher alert. West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis are the primary mosquito-borne diseases in the Northeast, but we may face a risk for Zika as well. And the bottom line is a longer season will make more chances for any of these possible. Worcester mosquito control is more important now than it ever was.

Control is Our Responsibility

We are living with the effects of climate change. Every one of us should be doing the small things we can to slow these effects, but we also have to deal with the consequences that already exist. Mosquitoes are becoming a growing concern. Bug spray and citronella candles are just not going to cut it when it comes to Worcester mosquito control any longer. We have to be diligent in making sure our yards are not mosquito breeding grounds. Follow the 5Ts of mosquito control and take the steps to educate your community as well. Eliminating the problem is something we should all work on together. Mosquito Squad of Worcester wants to help with this too. We can eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes in our year with our barrier spray. Call us and let’s work together in making our environment a safe place to live and enjoy. 508-659-93023

The Lone Star Tick is Taking its Act to the Northern Regions of the U.S.

While nearly everyone here in Worcester, MA, is familiar with the dog tick and certainly the deer tick, not everyone is familiar with the lone star tick. While it may sound like it only belongs in Texas, the Lone Star State, it’s making its presence felt in several northern states. The reason this is something to take note of is due to the fact that it’s bringing a relatively new health concern. Just imagine a tick that’s super aggressive and, as a result of a bite, you may never be able to enjoy red meat ever again! That’s absolutely the case and is truly a cause for concern for all us meat eaters.

“The lone star tick, which actually gets its name from the white dot found on adult females can be as small as a poppy seed. Their bite can actually cause an allergy to alpha-gal in victims, leaving patients unable to consume meat”, according to a recent article. Specifically, those bitten by lone star ticks and then acquiring an allergy cannot consume red meat, pork and lamb. So, take that into account when you’re debating on whether or not you’d like to enjoy any steak, hamburgers or hot dogs for the rest of your life.

Luckily, Mosquito Squad of Worcester specializes in tick control. In order to keep your yard free of any type of tick, whether it be the dog tick, deer tick or lone star tick, our highly-effective barrier application can reduce the tick population in your yard by up to 90%. Tick control is a serious issue in our area, given a large number of Lyme disease cases reported each year. Now, sadly, there’s another reason to hate ticks even more. Just imagine enjoying a filet mignon, then, by the time you’re in bed, you begin to experience shallow breathing and going into anaphylactic shock. The cause of the allergic reaction will more than likely remain a mystery until you’ve been diagnosed.

Mosquito Squad of Worcester can provide intense tick treatment to your property to keep these bloodsucking pests out of your yard. If you think that we’re too far north for these ticks, keep in mind that lone star ticks are being found as far north as the state of Maine. To keep your yard free of ticks, call the local experts at Mosquito Squad and we will come to your home and evaluate the best course of intense tick control treatment. By doing so, you and your family can enjoy your yard without having to worry about any tick bites.

To find out how you can have your yard treated for ticks in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas, call us today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com, or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Standing Water in Your Yard is a Huge Mosquito-Breeding Factory!

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, we’ve been receiving an exceptional amount of rain. While it’s better than the drought we saw last summer, it also means that pesky mosquitoes will be more capable of laying eggs and having them reach maturity. Remember, it only takes enough water to fill a bottle lid to breed hundreds of mosquitoes. With that in mind, how many mosquitoes do you think can hatch tomorrow out of that tarp covering your wood pile?

Mosquitoes here in Worcester MA are having very little trouble finding a suitable place to lay their eggs. But, why allow them to turn your backyard into a maternity ward for blood-thirsty, biting mosquitoes? All you have to do is make certain that you don’t leave objects in your yard that can collect water. While our barrier application is extremely effective, you can help in keeping the mosquito population down within your own yard.

Just use our video above to learn about the T’s of Mosquito Control. It will undoubtedly be something you remember after watching it! As always, if you ever have questions about mosquito or tick control in the Worcester MA area, call us at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Keep Lyme Disease Carrying Ticks Out of Your Yard by Calling Mosquito Squad of Worcester!

If you’re looking forward to enjoying your Worcester, MA, area yard this summer but are wary of the mosquitoes and ticks that may be lurking, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today! Through our highly-effective barrier application, we can reduce the mosquito and tick population within your yard by up to 85-90%. It’s important to note, the peak time of year for Lyme disease cases reported is right now, specifically in the months of June and July. Through a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one, you and your family can enjoy your yard this summer without the worry of ticks and mosquitoes.

At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, our number one focus is to make your yard a mosquito and tick free zone. We offer a 100% guarantee and will settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. We understand how incredibly important tick control is here in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas and want to be the company you turn to with complete confidence in ridding your yard of ticks and mosquitoes.

To find out how effective Mosquito Squad of Worcester is at removing potential disease carrying ticks, call us today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you!

Tick Control in Worcester, MA, is Best Left to the Professionals

If you were to walk around your backyard right now, do you know which areas are most likely to attract ticks? Do you know which type of tick is most likely to carry Lyme disease? If not, leave tick control to the experts at Mosquito Squad of Worcester. Our microencapsulated barrier application will knock down existing ticks and eliminate ticks that make their way into your yard. Additionally, we will come back out every three weeks to reapply our barrier application. With Mosquito Squad of Worcester, you can finally take your yard back!

As we head further into the warmer months, you’re more than likely looking forward to relaxing in your backyard as often as possible. Whether relaxing in your backyard after a long day of work, or you’re having a Memorial Day cookout, the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Worcester can keep your yard mosquito and tick free. In fact, we believe you should be able to enjoy your yard whenever you’d like, without worrying about biting or stinging pests.

We are currently in the peak phase of blacklegged nymph ticks (deer ticks). If you’re seeing ticks in your yard, on your clothing or on your pets, don’t fret, call The Squad! Outdoor living is a lifestyle we’re here to assist you with in every way possible. We can effectively remove up to 90% of the tick population within your yard and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we treat your property and you notice tick activity before the 21 day interval is up, we’ll come back out to retreat your property free of charge.

To find out why Mosquito Squad of Worcester is one of the most trusted names in Worcester, MA, tick control, call us today at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Keep Mosquitoes Off the Guest List for Your Next Outdoor Event

As the weather continues to warm up and we approach the season for cookouts, graduation parties, weddings and other outdoor events, call the experts at Mosquito Squad of Worcester to keep your event mosquito and tick free. If you’re planning an outdoor event and don’t want to have your guests literally itching to leave, then just give The Squad a call! We want you to be able to remember your event as something special. We don’t want you to remember being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes!

For the best results, we will schedule a convenient time, usually 2-3 days ahead of your event to come out and apply our barrier spray. Also, you don’t need to worry about the size of the area in need of mosquito repellant coverage. We can handle anything from 1 acre all the way up to 10+ acres. Our licensed mosquito control technicians will visit the property where the event will be held and fully assess and evaluate the area.

After taking the area into account, we will then perform a highly thorough spray application on all foliage, bushes and bark mulch areas such as flower beds. We are trained to know where mosquitoes are likely to rest and we will make those areas a top priority. Our mosquito control solution is microencapsulated and is time controlled, so it will continue to get rid of mosquitoes for the duration of your event. Additionally, we will also address breeding sites for ticks, mosquitoes, and other outdoor pests.

The end result of our mosquito and tick treatment will be that you and your guests are able to enjoy your outdoor event to the fullest without being eaten alive by unwanted mosquitoes and ticks. We specialize in providing mosquito and tick treatment for outdoor events such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties or anything else. So, take mosquitoes off the guest list for your next outdoor event and give Mosquito Squad a call today.

To find out how we can have your upcoming outdoor event free of mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects, call us at 508-659-9302, email us at worcester@mosquitosquad.com or fill out our form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How To Safely Remove a Tick In Worcester Mass

A friend was just detailing to me the other day how her parents used to take a hot lighter and burn the butt of an embedded tick. This procedure made the tick “let go” of her for easier removal. While there are a plethora of things our parents did that were less than safe, and we don’t hold it against them, we can certainly be sure to do better because we know better.

Daily tick checks and safe tick removal is a great way to lower your risks for tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. But, it is imperative to remove the tick in a safe method that will decrease your chances for infection.
Supplies Needed for Safe Tick Removal:

  • Cotton Swab
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Pointy Tip Tweezers

Video Source: Tick Encounter Resource Center

Four Simple Steps for Safe Tick Removal

Step 1 for Safe Tick Removal: Use your pointy tip tweezers to grasp the tick carefully, as close to your skin as possible. This allows you to get as close their mouth parts as possible.

Step 2 for Safe Tick Removal: Tip the tick up to a 90° angle.

Step 3 for Safe Tick Removal: Pull straight up on the tick. Slow and steady wins the race. Be careful not to twist, yank or rip the tick.

Step 4 for Safe Tick Removal: Clean thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.

If the mouthparts break off in your skin, follow the same procedure for carefully removing what is left in your skin. If parts of the tick are under the skin, leave them. If you break your skin going after those pieces, you could increase your risk for infection.

Never burn, smother or otherwise torture a tick that is embedded in a human or animal. Any trauma to the tick could cause it to regurgitate saliva and possible pathogens into the tick bite.

Tick Safety

At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, our goal is that you never have to endure the annoyance of tick bites, tick-borne disease or tick removal. While we can effectively lower the tick population on your property, we certainly cannot limit your outdoor activities to your own yard, nor would we want to. Be sure to conduct a proper tick check every day, especially if spending time outdoors in untreated areas. Make sure your clothes have been thrown in the dyer on high for 30 minutes to eliminate ticks that may be attached to clothing.

To limit your exposure to ticks at home call today at 877-787-7823. With our combination tick spray and tick tube treatments, we can lower the population of ticks on your property by up to 90%.

Worcester Mosquitoes Suffer Through Drought: Why Am I Still Swatting?

It is widely known that mosquitoes thrive in moist and humid conditions and suffer during droughts. Adult mosquitoes dehydrate and have no water source to provide nutrition and a safe home for their offspring to grow and flourish. Why in the world during this summer’s current drought are Worcester mosquitoes seemingly still out in full force?

Inconsistent Irrigation

A nice steady rain will evenly water your lawn and garden. But in a drought, you are dealing with hoses, sprinklers and if you’re lucky an irrigation system. While it is easy enough to go dump containers after a heavy rain, you may not think about the puddle in your vegetable garden. You may end up with an oversaturated shady area where you accidently left the sprinkler on for too long. Irrigation is a perfect source of water for mosquitoes to thrive and multiply.

Culex Pipiens

Complicating matters is the abundance of Culex pipiens mosquitoes in Worcester. These are the same mosquitoes that can transmit West Nile Virus. They thrive in drought conditions as they love small containers of standing water that can be created in backyards from irrigation. These adaptive species are also attracted to the organic material along dried up creek and riverbeds for laying eggs. Their eggs can survive for a couple of years, waiting for enough water to hatch and develop into adult mosquitoes.

While Mosquito Squad of Worcester works hard every day to help our customers enjoy a spontaneous mosquito-free outdoor lifestyle, we can’t emphasize the importance of eliminating standing water from your property enough. Review the 5 Ts of mosquito control to make sure you’re not missing any hidden water sources on your property. Be sure to call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today, 508-659-9302 our traditional barrier spray will eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property for up to 3 weeks.

Sources: Boston Globe

Research Sheds New Light on Chronic Lyme Symptoms Previously Undiagnosed

Massachusetts is ground zero for the growing problem of Lyme disease. When it comes to a disease like Lyme, the complexity of diagnosing and the ambiguity of the symptoms makes for a great deal of unknowns. Through research and patient treatment, the medical community is gaining new knowledge about Lyme each day. Disseminating that information out to doctors nationwide as proven to be a difficult task, which is why Dr. Nevena Zubcevik came to Martha’s Vineyard to update the medical staff at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Her research and patient work at the Dean Center for Tick-Borne Illness at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital have given her new Lyme disease insights.

Chronic Lyme Disease Expert

Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (chronic Lyme) has proven to be difficult to diagnose and treat, which is why Dr. Zubcevik is hard at work helping patients who suffer. Chronic Lyme can present in a large variety and combination of symptoms that can range in severity from minor to debilitating. With tick bites going unnoticed, many patients suffer for months and years without a Lyme diagnosis. The CDC lists symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath, nerve pain, severe headaches, neck stiffness, short-term memory problems, shooting pains and numbness, heart palpitations and inflammation of the brain or spinal cord.

Dr. Zubcevik shared updated information about symptoms to watch for that is important for the medical field and the public to know.

  • Sudden onset of dementia is a red flag for Lyme, especially in those 50 and over or with a compromised immune system.
  • Headache, mood, fatigue and irritability are signs of Lyme in children.

Tick-Borne Disease Prevention Update

She also shared updated information in regards to Lyme prevention and treatment, which might require a patient to advocate for themselves if their doctor has not been updated accordingly.

Previously it was thought that ticks need to be attached for 24-48 hours to pass on pathogens. Dr. Zubcevik says this is outdated. Anaplasmosis can be transmitted in 15 minutes, Powassan virus in 10 minutes and the 48 hour Lyme rule is outdated, but the timing is still unknown.

Doxycycline is the antibiotic used to treat Lyme disease. It does not kill the bacteria; it simply keeps it from replicating while our immune systems to the real work. Treatment should be 100-200 milligrams, twice a day for 20 days.

Diagnosis is tricky. She says only 20% of patients have the bulls-eye rash. She also points to the fact that with ten different strains of Lyme in the United States, many don’t test positive on the traditional Western blot or ELISA test.

Avoiding Lyme Disease in Worcester

With treatment and diagnosis being so complicated, it is best to avoid Lyme disease altogether. With ticks being so tiny, it is vital to do a purposeful careful tick check after spending time outdoors in untreated areas. However, avoiding ticks entirely is the best method of prevention. At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, we offer tick tubes and tick spray in combination for over 90% reduction in ticks on your property. Call today. 1-877-78-SQUAD.

Why Is the Lifecycle of the Deer Tick Important to Me?

Have you asked yourself this very question? Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are a real problem here in Massachusetts, with incidences only second to Pennsylvania according to CDC tables. However, you may also find sorting through the information about tick-borne illness fairly confusing. By knowing and understanding the tick life cycle and its stages you can be more proactive in protecting yourself from Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and Anaplasmosis. Let us lay this cycle out for you.

The Deer Tick Lifecycle

An adult female deer tick will lay somewhere between 1500 to 3000 eggs beginning in late May. When these larvae ticks hatch towards the end of July, they will begin looking for their first blood meal. Each larvae tick requires this blood meal, usually found in a small rodent or bird, to move on to the next stage of life. These young ticks will molt over winter and reappear in spring entering the nymph stage of the tick life cycle.

Again, the nymph tick will seek out its blood meal so that it can become an adult. This takes place between May and July. By fall the nymph tick will molt into an adult. Adult females will seek a last blood meal needed to produce eggs. After which, the female, engorged with eggs, will find a safe, leafy and hidden spot to rest until spring. Then she will lay her eggs, and the process starts again.

Photo Credit: Mainely Ticks

How Does This Affect My Risk for Disease

When a larval tick hatches in late summer, it is free from disease. After a blood meal from an infected host, the larvae will molt into an infected nymph deer tick. Most cases of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses occur somewhere between the beginning of May through July, when the nymph ticks are most active. A nymph tick is about the size of a poppy seed. Taking into account this small size along with the large number of them, this part of the life cycle is when the deer tick can be most harmful if it is infected. They are hard to see and you might not even know they are on you before you become a blood meal. While being very aware during these summer months, keep in mind that ticks can live in very low temperatures if the ground is not frozen. You can be bitten and contract Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, or Anaplasmosis at any time of year.

Tick Tube Prevention Systems

At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, our tick tube system is the most effective way to control the growth of the nymph tick population. We begin by placing these tubes, made of cardboard and cotton specially treated with a chemical to eliminate ticks, strategically throughout your yard. Mice will take this cotton and use it as nesting materials and when the larvae ticks enter these nests to have their first blood meals they will not exit, will not become infected nymphs, will not have to chance to infect humans. Thousands upon thousands of deer ticks can be stopped with these tick tubes before making their way into our community. And it goes without saying, with fewer ticks there is less chance for disease.

The best way to prevent Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses is to prevent exposure. Mosquito Squad of Worcester can eliminate 85-90% of ticks in your yard with our barrier spray and tick tube system. Give us a call and let us create the plan that best works for you and your family. Don’t let fear of disease keep you from enjoying your own backyard! 508-659-9302

Worcester Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile Virus

While all the headlines related to mosquitoes this summer featured Zika, Zika, and more Zika, West Nile Virus is here, in Worcester, now. Mosquito-borne disease season is mid to late summer. Typically West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis will emerge around now. First, it will be detected in local mosquito populations and sometimes is followed by human cases or animal cases.

Tracking West Nile Virus in Massachusetts

The state monitors West Nile Virus in mosquito populations, humans and animals. According to Massachusetts Department of Public Health in 2015, there were 10 cases of West Nile Virus in humans in the Bay State. One of those cases was in Worcester and the patient presented with meningitis. West Nile Virus in humans can vary from asymptomatic to febrile illness to severe illness that can even lead to death. Read our web page on West Nile Virus to learn more about the symptoms.

This year, Worcester gets the unfortunate distinction of the first location in the Massachusetts to have positive results for West Nile Virus in the local mosquito population. Follow the MDPH website for daily results of Massachusetts mosquito sample testing.

What does a West Nile Virus Postive Mosquito mean to you?

When mosquitoes test positive for mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, it is a way to warn the public to take extra precautions when spending time outdoors. While many people don’t get sick from West Nile Virus, there is a sector of the population that is at greater risk for severe illness. Those over the age of 60, those with cancer, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and organ transplant recipients should take even further precautions as they are at high risk for neuroinvasive illness that could lead to death.

At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, we are grateful to live in a state with a great mosquito surveillance program. With proper warning upon the arrival of the mosquito-borne virus for the season, we can make sure we take extra precautions to protect our families, our pets and especially those who are at great risk for severe illness. Prevention is the best medicine. Our mosquito barrier spray eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes on your property and continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Call today. 1-877-78-SQUAD

Anaplasmosis & Babesiosis in Worcester Massachusetts

Deer ticks bring more danger to us and our pets than just Lyme disease. Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis are potentially serious tick-borne diseases that while still rare, are becoming more common in Massachusetts each year.

Symptoms of Babesiosis

Babesiosis is caused by parasites transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected deer ticks. Many people infected with babesiosis do not experience symptoms, while some may develop flu-like symptoms such as chills, fever, sweats, headaches, body aches, loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue. If the parasite infects the red blood cells, it can cause hemolytic anemia. Severe babesiosis may cause symptoms such as jaundice and dark urine. Babesiosis is especially dangerous to those who are elderly, don’t’ have a spleen, have a weakened immune system or other major health condition. If you suspect Babesiosis, it is important to see your doctor.

Symptoms of Anaplasmosis

Anaplasmosis is caused by a bacteria transmitted by an infected deer tick. Symptoms can include fever, chills, nausea, headaches and body aches. Anaplasmosis is treated with antibiotics when caught early and treated promptly patients usually make a full recovery. Anaplasmosis can become severe or even fatal if not caught in time or patients with a compromised immune system. Symptoms of severe Anaplasmosis can include kidney failure, difficulty breathing, neurological problems or hemorrhage. If you suspect Anaplasmosis, see your doctor right away.

While we don’t like to cause anyone undo fear of tick-borne diseases in Worcester, we want to be sure you know what you need to know to protect yourself. Avoiding ticks and tick bites is the best protection against tick-borne disease of all varieties. With Mosquito Squad of Worcester, you can take back your yard by eliminating over 90% of ticks with our Intensive Tick Treatment. Our combination of tick spray and tick tubes is the best method for eliminating ticks in every life stage for long-term tick control. Call us today! 508-762-1466 or fill out the form below.

A Zika Vaccine is the Goal: Today We are One Step Closer

The first human trials for a Zika Virus vaccine have been approved. You may have seen this headline in the news. In the sea of “worse than we thought” Zika news, it is a welcome positive change. Living in the deer tick/Lyme disease hotbed, in Worcester, we know better than most the importance of the vaccine and the devastation of not having one.

What Does Going to Human Trials Mean?

Inovio, a private company, has gotten the go-ahead from the FDA to begin testing their Zika vaccine on humans. According to a report by NBC News, the vaccine has already been tested on monkeys for the expected immune response. The first round of many human trials will be mainly to test the safety of the vaccine in humans, rather than the effectiveness. Once a level of safety is established, they can then test the effectiveness against the Zika Virus in humans.

According to Inovio, their vaccine uses synthetic elements of DNA along with a special pulse of electricity to deliver the vaccine. The electrical pulse reportedly encourages immune cells to take the vaccine better for improved results.

Other Zika Vaccines To Be Tested Soon

Inovio is not the only Zika vaccine game in town. There are several others by a variety of government-sponsored researchers. These vaccines are expected to begin human testing in a few months as well. With several vaccines in the works at the same time, we can hopefully find the answer at an expedited rate. When it comes to protecting developing infants and mothers, there is a great sense of urgency.

The human trials for the Zika vaccine will begin in a few weeks with the first round of reporting being released at the end of the year.

While the Zika Virus is not locally transmitted here in Worcester, that could change at any time. While we can never guarantee full protection from any mosquito-borne disease, we know that lowering your risks is as simple as lowering your exposure to mosquitoes and mosquito bites. Call today to sign up for mosquito control at your home and remember to always follow the 5 Ts of mosquito control to keep the mosquito population from growing on your property. 508-762-1466.

Lone Star Ticks: Our Newest and Maybe Strangest Pest Yet

Lyme disease has been in the news in Massachusetts for quite some time now. Deer ticks and dog ticks are common here and they seem to be everywhere. And now the Lone Star tick has joined this nasty group of inhabitants. Lone Star ticks are distinguished by the shiny white spot on there back. They are about the size of a seed, they have great vision, and they are aggressive. Unlike their slower counterparts they are known to swarm and attack. They have long mouths and their bites can be quite painful. According to the Cape Cod Times, Entomologist Larry Dapsis compares a swarm of Lone Star ticks to “running into a nest of fire ants.” Worcester tick spray is going to be more necessary than ever in controlling this growing tick population.

Becoming This Tick’s Meal Might Ruin Your Next Meal

So what makes them strange you ask? Just like other ticks, they carry illnesses. Not lyme disease as the deer ticks do, but instead they can infect you with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tularemia, human ehrlichiosis and STARI (southern tick associated rash illness). When treated quickly and properly, all of these illnesses can be cured.

So here is the twist: Bites from a Lone Star Tick have been associated with a sudden onset of allergy to red meat. A PERMANENT allergy. No more steaks. No more burgers. Pork can also be a trigger if you become affected. Allergy symptoms range from hives, stomach issues, sneezing and runny nose, headaches, and asthma, to something as severe as anaphylaxis which inhibits your ability to breath. This allergy may be hard to pin down at first. Symptoms do not necessarily happen immediately. Monitoring your symptoms, what you ate and when you ate it will be important information for an allergists diagnosis. Symptoms may also vary with every trigger encounter. Just because your first symptoms when coming into contact with red meat were mild it does not mean they will always be. This uncertainty will make red meat something that you need to avoid rather than try to simply manage symptoms.

With Backyard Tick Spray The BBQs Can Go On

Mosquito Squad of Worcester tick control services can protect you from this latest species of tick to make Massachusetts home. Our barrier spray can eliminate 85-90% of existing ticks in your yard and our tick tube systems help keep the next generation from ever making it there. Take the time to check out our 6 Cs of tick protection as well. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Let us work with you to keep your home and yard a safe place for your family and pets and lower the risk for suffering consequences that can come with tick bites.
Call us today! 508-762-1466

Lyme Disease: An Epidemic in Worcester Mass

As the world focuses effort, energy and media attention on the Zika Virus, Lyme disease in Worcester Mass continues to be a growing threat. Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected deer tick. While the data is not yet been released for this season, we have heard from our clients, and we’ve seen for ourselves that the population of deer ticks is even worse than last year.

The CDC documented 3,646 confirmed cases of Lyme in Massachusetts in 2014, second only to Pennsylvania. Those numbers are believed to be much greater with many cases going undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. There is also a great expectation that 2015 will have proven to be much worse when the final data is released.

The Lyme Disease Epidemic in Massachusetts

In July of 2015, the state of Massachusetts declared Lyme disease an epidemic across the state. While some areas are affected more than others, most of the state faces some risk. As reported in October by the Boston Globe, there has been a sharp increase in Lyme disease cases in Worcester County in recent years. Confirmed by MDPH, in 2014 alone there were 421 confirmed Lyme cases in Worcester along with 226 probable cases of Lyme disease in Worcester. Only 4 counties in the state of Massachusetts have more Lyme disease than Worcester.

Lyme Disease Prevention in Worcester Mass

While we don’t want to alarm you about the dangers of Lyme disease in Worcester, we do want to inform you so that you can avoid Lyme and recognize it if it does occur. Prevention is the best medicine, but early treatment is crucial once infection occurs.

Learn the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease at our Lyme Disease Prevention page. Don’t forget, lowering the population of deer ticks in your Worcester yard is as easy as following the 6 Cs of tick control.

For the best protection against deer ticks on your property, Mosquito Squad of Worcester offers tick spray that will eliminate 85-90% of the ticks in your yard. Call today 1-877-78-SQUAD (77823)

Triple E, EEE, Eastern Equine Encephalitis in Worcester, Mass: A Dangerous Mosquito-Borne Disease

While the world is focused on the Zika Virus, spread by mosquitoes, in Worcester we can’t forget to protect ourselves and our horses from Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Commonly referred to as EEE (Triple E), the mosquito-borne disease is rare but deadly, and Massachusetts happens to be the #1 state for human cases of EEE.

What is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

With 24 cases of human EEE in Massachusetts from 2004-2013, it is important for all Worcester residents to know what to look for and how to prevent EEE. Transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito, the EEE virus is a rare illness in humans. What makes it so scary is that it is one of the most severe mosquito-borne diseases with a 33% mortality rate for humans and a 70-90% mortality rate for horses with EEE. The devastating illness leaves 80% of surviving humans with significant brain damage.

Symptoms of EEE in Horses

Horses are at a particularly high risk for Triple E in Worcester. Symptoms of EEE in horses can include blindness, lack of appetite, uncoordinated gait, walking aimlessly often in circles, depression, staggering, and seizures once the disease attacks the central nervous system. Death can occur within days of a horse transmitting the EEE virus.

Symptoms of EEE in Humans

Humans infected with EEE can come down with two types of illness, systemic and encephalitic. Systemic illness can include sudden onset of depression, chills, fever, muscle pain, joint aches and chills. System EEE illness usually lasts about 1-2 weeks, and there is no specific treatment or cure. If EEE is encephalitic it can be a sudden onset of symptoms for infants, but for adults it usually comes on after a few days of systemic illness. Symptoms may include a headache, fever, restlessness, irritability, drowsiness, anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions and coma. According to the CDC, 1/3 of all patients die from EEE, and those who do survive can be left with debilitating mental and physical side effects.

Preventing EEE for Everyone

There is a recommended vaccine for EEE in horses. Unfortunately, there is currently no EEE vaccine for humans. To protect you, your family and your horses, eliminating mosquitoes from your property and horse barn is a great way to lower your risks. Our traditional barrier spray eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes on your property. We also offer automatic mosquito misting systems, perfect for horse barns and stables; the system will eliminate more than 90% of mosquitoes consistently and constantly all season long. Call today; we’ll help you decide the best Worcester mosquito control method to meet your needs.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: Do you Know What Chronic Lyme Disease Is?

Deer ticks and therefore Lyme disease are a daily threat in Worcester for a good portion of the year. In our area, most people are aware of Lyme disease, but may not be familiar with how devastating it truly can be. Whether you know someone who has had it and recovered completely with treatment or you know someone who is struggling with Lyme continually, you may not understand how it can devastate a life. When Lyme progresses into chronic Lyme, the effects can be life-shattering.

Chronic Lyme in Worcester

While much of us refer to it as Chronic Lyme, the CDC calls it Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS). PTLDS can occur in Lyme patients who do and do not receive treatment. It is suspected that those who PTLDS after treatment may not have started treatment early enough. While the cause is still unknown, most experts believe it long lasting symptoms manifests when there is residual damage to tissues and the immune system from the infection.

Symptoms of Chronic Lyme

Lingering issues such as severe headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain and neck stiffness can last for months after the original infection. Some patients experience more severe symptoms that can include Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), episodes of dizziness, inflammation of the brain or spinal cord, shooting pains, nerve pain, short-term memory issues and an irregular heartbeat. While most patients recover over time, however long that may be, there are rare instances of Lyme carditis that can lead to death.

The Danger of Lyme Carditis

Approximately 1% of Lyme cases lead to Lyme carditis. This occurs when Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme-causing bacteria, enters the tissues of the heart. Patients with Lyme carditis may experience “heart block” which can be mild to severe. Symptoms of Lyme carditis can include light-headedness, fainting, shortness of breath, chest pain or heart palpitations. Sometimes a fever, body aches and the bulls-eye rash associated with Lyme can be present. Lyme carditis can be treated with antibiotics and sometimes even a temporary pacemaker, but it can, rarely, lead to sudden death if gone untreated.

Patients who experience long-term PTLDS report more severe symptoms than with other chronic illnesses and are often times left unable to work or function in a normal daily life. Preventing PTLDS is a difficult task due to complications in diagnosing Lyme disease. Symptoms mimic other common illnesses. Tick bites often go unnoticed. And the common Lyme symptom of a bulls-eye rash is not always present.

Preventing Lyme disease in Worcester is all about avoiding deer ticks and tick bites. Follow the 6 Cs of tick proofing and consider Mosquito Squad of Worcester for professional tick control on your property. Our tick barrier spray eliminates 85-90% of deer ticks on contact. Add tick tubes for even further tick reduction. Call today. 877-78-SQUAD (877-787-7823)

Mosquitoes in Worcester: What’s Water Got to Do With It?

Have you ever noticed a week after heavy spring Worcester rain the mosquitoes are more plentiful than they were before it rained? When it comes to mosquito population growth, it is all about water. Female mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch, the larvae need bacteria and other organic material found in standing water supplies for growing to the pupa and eventually adult stage when they fly out of the water source where they hatched. The real shocker is how fast this reproduction process can lead to millions of mosquitoes on your property.

How Fast Do Worcester Mosquitoes Multiply?

Female mosquitoes are to blame for those itchy annoying bites you endure. They need your blood to develop viable eggs. Once she has her blood meal, she can then lay up to 300 eggs at one time. Each female mosquito can do this up to three times in her short life. Quick math tells us that a single female mosquito can be responsible for creating 900 offspring of her very own. But, it is important to consider all of the offspring her offspring can produce in a very short time.

We’ll assume half of the 300 newly hatched mosquitoes are female. After one week growing through the larva and pupa stages, these 150 female mosquitoes will fly out into the world in search of their blood meal. Along with their mother, at the end of this 2nd week of our mathematical mosquito equation, these 151 mosquitoes will lay approximately 45,300 eggs. Half of which are expected to also be females.

Along with our 151 female mosquitoes from week two, 22,650 more female mosquitoes will seek out a blood meal to lay their raft of 300 mosquito eggs. If all of these mosquitoes hatch, along with our original matriarch and her first 150 female offspring laying eggs again, the total baby boom from this batch will be approximately 6,840,300 mosquitoes. That is almost 7 million mosquitoes spawning from a single female in just 3 weeks’ time.

Billions of Mosquitoes in About A Month

During week four, almost 3.5 million female mosquitoes will be laying approximately 300 eggs each. When those hatch, we’ll be adding 1,032,840,000 (Yes, billions!) to the existing mosquito population that is already in the tens of millions. As you can see, the odds are against us in the fight to avoid mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus or Zika Virus.

Without Water, Mosquitoes Can’t Multiply

We urge you to help yourself, your neighbors and your city by following the 5 T’s of Mosquito Control to a tee. Keeping your Worcester property clear of standing water is the single biggest factor in avoiding this mosquito population boom during the summer months. Even with a dry yard, there will inevitably be a neighbor or a public area that allows some mosquito reproduction. Mosquitoes can come to your yard from these outlying areas. And when they do, make sure they are eliminated upon entry with our traditional barrier spray.

Mosquito Squad of Worcester’s most popular mosquito control will eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard for up to 21 days. Sign up for the season and we’ll automatically respray every 2-3 weeks all season long. Call now 877-78-SQUAD (877-787-7823)

A Mosquito & Tick Free Worcester Mother’s Day for The Mom in Your Life

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate your Mom and the other Mothers in your life. We celebrate the day with family gatherings, presents and pampering our Mothers. While there are many great options for spoiling the Moms in your life this Mother’s Day, we think it is a good year to pass on the flowers, manicures, pedicures and jewelry to give the Mother in your life a unique gift that can improve her quality of life. Mosquito control and tick control from Mosquito Squad of Worcester is a fantastic way to give Mom the gift of freedom, peace of mind and a quality outdoor lifestyle.

The Gift of Freedom

Giving your Mom the gift of being able to venture in and out of her yard for relaxation, entertaining and gardening without a can of DEET on hand will improve her life immensely. With the tick season being as plentiful as it is, even day time yard work can lead to annoying and dangerous tick bites. And with aggressive daytime feeding Asian Tiger mosquitoes in the area, an afternoon weeding the garden could lead to itchy annoying bites in no time. With Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control & tick control spray, we’ll eliminate 85-90% of the ticks and mosquitoes on your Mom’s property on contact. The treatment continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Give the whole season and we’ll come back automatically to keep her yard mosquito and tick free all summer.

Peace of Mind

Ticks and mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases. Some are even life-threatening. The Mother in your life will love to know that her family can enjoy a lower risk of transmitting diseases such as Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Anaplasmosis and Zika Virus when they are enjoying time in the yard. Zika Virus could be an issue this summer, causing birth defects in infants. If you happen to have a Mother-to-be in your life, she will especially enjoy the active outdoor lifestyle she can continue while pregnant without risking the health of her unborn baby.

Quality Outdoor Living

Summers in the Bay State are especially lovely. Give the Mother in your life the most outdoor enjoyment in her Worcester backyard by eliminating mosquitos and ticks with professional tick control and mosquito control. No one likes to host a backyard barbecue, children’s pool party or just an evening in the yard with the kids when mosquitoes are buzzing about and the ticks are climbing on everyone. Imagine giving your Mom a mosquito free and tick free yard where she can host the family without handing out cans of DEET as everyone heads out the back door. She’ll enjoy more quality time with the family without annoying biting pests.

Giving the gift of mosquito control & tick control to the Mom in your life for Mother’s Day will give her a Mother’s Day and a summer she’ll never forget. Mosquito Squad of Worcester offers traditional barrier spray that eliminates 85-90% of the mosquitoes and ticks on your property on contact and continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Call today to sign up for the season 877-78-SQUAD (877-787-7823).

My Lyme Disease Story

The ticks are out in the Worcester area! You’re likely spending some time picking them off your pets as they come inside or checking your children for them after a day of play. The annoyance is certainly enough to make you want to get rid of them, but ticks are absolutely dangerous and the threat should be taken seriously. They carry life changing and sometimes deadly diseases such as Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and more.

My Real-Life Lyme Disease Story

While it is not uncommon for a Mosquito Squad owner to get into this business because they were impressed with service they received from an existing Mosquito Squad location, it is not frequently due to a first-hand experience with a tick-borne disease.

It all started a year and a half ago when my daughter became ill. We noticed a large rash on her torso. She had become lethargic, having very little energy for a normally spunky 1.5-year-old toddler. It took two weeks and seeing a nurse-practitioner 3 times, but we finally spent time with a doctor who tested her for Lyme Disease. The test turned out to be positive and she recovered fully after treatment with antibiotics.

Typical Symptoms of Lyme

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the typical symptoms of Lyme disease can include fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle & joint aches and swollen lymph nodes. The onset of a “bulls-eye” (Erythema migrans) rash can occur in 70-80% of infected patients. This rash reportedly expands gradually from the site of the bite and can reach up to 12+ inches across, but that it may appear anywhere on the body. With a long list of possible symptoms and each person’s body reacting differently, we urge you to seek medical attention if you’ve been exposed to ticks and experience any of the above symptoms. In our case, the rash was quite a bit different, which resulted in a delayed diagnosis. Our daughter’s rash was much less focused and spread across much of her small torso.

Treating Lyme disease with antibiotics during early stages usually results in a full and quick recovery. If you, like me, believes prevention is the best medicine, you may consider professional tick control for your property. Our traditional barrier tick spray combined with tick tubes can eliminate 85-95% of the ticks in your yard. Call today for a tick-free season in Worcester. 508-762-1466

The Latest News on the Zika Virus in Worcester Massachusetts

With billions of dollars being poured into Zika Virus research worldwide, it is no surprise that a great deal of new information has come to light. While there is still more studies needed to concretely establish the relationship between Zika Virus and the various health complications it has been linked to, the CDC is recommending we error on the side of safety. Read on to learn about the latest discoveries and the implications of them.

Zika Virus Causes More Health Complications Than Previously Suspected

Just yesterday the CDC updated the White House with concerns about the many more potential health complications that can result from the disease than previously suspected. Since research has been amped up, there has been discoveries of a link between Zika Virus and a variety of other birth defects, not just microcephaly. Zika has also been linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome and a new link to the auto-immune disorder ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.)

All of this, and the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, thought to be the primary vector of Zika Virus, is present in 30 states as opposed to the previously mapped 12. Along with the Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger) mosquito, much of the United States is at risk – including Worcester, Massachusetts.

Pregnant Women Face Alarming Risks For Birth Defects

The CDC also reports that the complications during pregnancy when a mother is infected with Zika Virus is not just limited to early pregnancy infections, but can cause complications anytime during pregnancy. With Zika being primarily asymptomatic, the CDC has updated their Zika recommendations to couples in an effort to limit risks for pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant, as Zika Virus can be transmitted sexually. Everyone should also pay close attention to the Zika travel notice for the latest updates.

More Zika Virus Pregnancy Complications

As we stated above, the Zika Virus can cause microcephaly in infants as well as a variety of other birth defects. This was reported by The New England Journal of Medicine at the beginning of March. The Rio de Janeiro, Brazil study found that 29% of the tested pregnant women who had been infected with Zika Virus showed fetal abnormalities in their ultrasounds. The pregnancy complications discovered include:

  • Late term still birth
  • Macular hypoplasia
  • Cerebral calcification
  • Central nervous system alterations
  • Intrauterine growth restrictions
  • Abnormal arterial flow in umbilical arteries and cerebral arteries
  • Developmental failure in the vermis (a portion of the brain)
  • Blake’s pouch cyst
  • Insufficient or absent amniotic fluid

With a large portion of the United States population at risk, and health complications extending to everyone, not just pregnant women, we await further studies and the onset of mosquito season to find out if Zika will indeed be a severe threat in our area.

Zika Prevention

Our best defense, for now, is prevention. Avoiding mosquitoes and mosquito bites is the best way to lower your risk for Zika Virus infection. Our traditional barrier spray eliminates 85-90% of the mosquitoes on your property on contact and continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Call today to sign up for the season 877-78-SQUAD (877-787-7823).

Don’t forget to follow the 5 T’s of Mosquito Control to limit the growth of the mosquito population in your yard.

What is Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)?
What is Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

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